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It's a beautiful vision of green, sunshine, growth, food, and life. Take the idea of nature, aiming to create a green food squarein the city's landmark. In this fusion of natural ecology and fashionable

modern food garden, explore the intersection of city and nature.


The project is located in XiaoShan district,Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province, which is built by the international grade a building standard. The case is located on the second floor, which belongs to the metro building property, is a modern, multi-function large recreational food plaza.

▽创意概念\Creative concept


Inspired by "the power of nature -- the green food garden in the city's landmark". The relationship between environment, people and food is defined by natural forces. Using the concept of "valley terrace", "cloud top mountain", "sunshine forest", "water curtain bamboo stream" and "bamboo forest ritual sequence", the space design is expounded respectively.

平面分析\Plane analysis  


The central stage is the central diagonal, and two fire-fighting staircases form two food island patterns, surrounded by the circular pattern of boxes and shops.

自然山谷 \ Natural Valley


Cant make plastic, form a valley atmosphere of visual effect, wall, metope USES a large number of plants in combination with the top in the rail vertical kind plant, let a person as if place oneself in a subway station plant garden.

阳光森林 \ Sunshine Forest


Strewn at the top of the roof, the sun shines through the trees, allowing the diners to enjoy the sunshine and bathe.

云顶山峰 \ Genting Peaks


The two circum-island Windows are processed into the contour of the mountain, and the ceiling of the cloud overlay enhances the atmosphere of the rendering

竹林礼序 \ Bamboo Gift Order


The food garden sets up a private box, which is connected by partition maneuver to meet the needs of different sizes and occasions. The interior style is elegant and comfortable, a secret place in the bustle.

水帘竹涧 \ Water Bamboo

包厢可直接享受阳光, 外部天井空间可外拓利用,自然生长的绿植呼应墙体瀑布,营造草长莺飞、潺潺流水的意境。

The box can enjoy the sunshine directly, the external patio space can be used, the natural growth of green planting echo wall falls, creating the grass and the flowing water of the mood.

花园入口 \ Entrance


The garage entrance is set on the axis of the plane and runs through the whole food garden square, so as to seamlessly connect the internal moving line.

▽其它空间及细节一览 Other Spaces And Details

室内导视牌 Indoor Guide


绿色是一种健康、轻松、欢乐的生活态度,更是环境、人、食物关系之间的纽带。传化美食花园的意义就在于此:绿色生活,幸福员工! 并且随着地铁的开通,日趋临近可持续发展的商业发展模式恰恰是绿色可循环再生长的自然界永恒定律!

Green is a spirit of life, a healthy, relaxed and joyful attitude. Green is the tie between environment, people and food. The meaning of the spreading food garden is this: green life, happy employees! And with the opening of the subway, the sustainable development mode is