宣驰设计杜尚发型 | 荣登DESIGN YEARBOOK 2018

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DESIGN YEARBOOK 是中国国际室内设计年鉴,汇聚国内外一线设计师最新作品的大型专辑图书。








Project name: Duchamp Hairstyle

Address: Binjiang Tianjie, Hangzhou, Zhejiang
Area: 120 ㎡
Time: 2018.03.
Creative design: Ling、Anna、Qvent
Photographer: Heng Li
Design organization: Hangzhou Trenchant decoration design co. LTD
Main material: European pine board, steel plate spray, line lamp, artificial stone, stainless steel


Origami is an ancient Oriental art, folding as a traditional origami technique, known as the wisdom of the human fingertips. As the main form of modern art, origami art is also widely used in clothing, architecture, animation and other fields. Between art by hand, same hairdresser with their own hands, through cutting, washing, blow the modelling of all sorts of methods such as model a different aesthetic feeling, origami artists by “fold” and “fold” protean art sculpture, in adhering to the originality and way to create beauty, both have the same effect. The designer of this case broke the original thinking space and original visual experience, and tried to deduce the expression of origami art form in interior space with modern design techniques and changes of light and shadow.

▼入口和接待区域,entrance and reception area


The project is located in Hangzhou Binjiang CBD core plate, located in Hangzhou Binjiang Tianjie. The target group is mainly young white collars and young fashionistas. Whole is given priority to with black and white tonal, mansard break flat facade single stereoscopic form, in the form of progressive split into multiple space, to customers in the future, the direction, strength, determination of emotional experience.


折线形打破平顶立面单一的立体构成,以递进的形式分割为多个空间,the folding element breaks the flat surface and divides the space into different parts



the stone floor and steel ceiling together provide a unified visual symbol


The stone of the ground, the steel of the top surface of the wall spray plastic, the same color melts different material, present unified visual symbol in the direction and the rhythm. It’s reflected in the mirror, and it intersects. The line lamp band serves as the black and white line, and the strengthening space, the interface and the shape of the relationship. Emphasize the function and the unity at the same time, also emphasize dimensional tactile sense to show, the texture feeling metope of the European pine board jet black and the aureate droplight and tabletop form contrast. The hair washing area and the outer facade echo chamber line creation technique to make the sense of space more unified.

▼欧松板喷黑的肌理感墙面与光亮的金色吊灯和桌面形成对比,the dark, textured surface of the walls contrast with the golden, shiny lamp


▼冲洗区,basin area

▼室内细部,interior detail